How About an Ex Who's a Former Stripper?

Posted by Kayro on 2013-07-26 11:50:00 in East Coast, USA

My boyfriend dated his ex-wife for about ten years before they got married, and they were married for approximately ten years before they divorced. She got sick about eight years ago and pretty much became a different person - she refused to hold a real job, citing her "illness" (no doctor ever officially diagnosed her with anything, because they couldn't find anything physically wrong with her) as a reason why she couldn't work. She and my boyfriend adopted one child and then had two natural children afterward. She installed locks on the outside of the kids' bedroom doors and when she couldn't handle her children, she would lock them in their rooms while she napped, drank herself into a stupor, or got high. She delayed their potty training because keeping them in diapers longer made it possible to lock them up when she was tired of them. She got a job as a stripper, citing the flexible hours, and then proceeded to have sex with countless men from the strip club, inviting many of them back to her house while she was home with the kids (my boyfriend would be at work at these times) to have sex (and, of course, she'd lock the kids in their rooms for privacy). She contacted me and tried to get me to sleep with her husband (ostensibly this was to make herself feel better for cheating on him). When I said no, she harassed me and stalked my Facebook account for MONTHS afterward, trying to get me to agree. (I never did - I don't mess with married men.) She hooked up, via Facebook, with a guy my boyfriend and I knew in high school, and she eventually announced to my boyfriend that she wanted a divorce, and wanted to take the kids and move 1,000 miles away to marry this new guy. Initially, she suggested that my boyfriend move there with her so that he could see the children. When he refused, she was shocked. He now has primary custody of his three children, and their mother travels to see them a few times a year, and they spend summers with her and her new husband. She continues to try to manipulate my boyfriend into letting her keep the children. Did I mention that my boyfriend, who has primary custody, pays child support to this woman, who almost never sees her children? Yeah. Tell me that isn't crazy.


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