MyExWifeisCrazy.com was started by a few dudes who decided it was time for guys to have a place to share their stories about Crazy Ex-Wives. Isn’t it crazy that at some point we all loved these women and they loved us? They were normal or close to normal. They were fun, interesting, and in many cases, hot. But something happened along the way, they changed. They became controlling, bitchy, erratic, and manic. And here we are, at the intersection of Insane and Hopeless wondering how in hell we got here. Well the good news is it’s a crowded street with more of us showing up each day.

Enjoy the site and let us know your suggestions or thoughts at info@myexwifeiscrazy.com

Here’s to You.

The Gang
Welcome to MyEx-WifeisCrazy.Com. If this is your first visit, greetings. If you’re a return visitor, welcome back. This site was created by guys like you for guys like you. Whether you’re smack in the middle of a break-up or it's been years since your divorce, we all share a common bond forged by the insanity of our ex-wives. We all have our stories, some more crazy than the next. What’s important is not how much of a lunatic she is, but that we’re all here to support each other – and have fun laughing at the mess we got ourselves into and out of.

So look around and when you’re ready hit the Speak Now button.

Remember, speak now or forever hold your grief.

The Gang

She wore the pants...

...now you can wear the shirt