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thank you for share!

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My colombian ex wife

Posted by Veteran on January 29th, 2015 @ 9:09pm

My ex-wife was biggest psychopath in my life. I met her online when I was in the military. Everything was good at first and I thought I found the right one. Right after we got married, things went haywire. Her exes had gotten in the way of our marriage. Her friends disapproved of me because I wasn't consider established enough or educated enough because I was enlisted soldier. She manipulated me several times. She blocked me from everything including social media, because she wanted be sneaking and not knowing . She refused to come where i was stationed at to live with me because she wanted stay in nyc to collect the BHA from my paycheck. She even stole my credit card without my knowledge. She has even blackmail and extorted me several times. Her exes taken her places behind my back and they told me that I was a loser and not real man in the military because my ex wife should be someone that their calibular and not me because I am not good enough for her. My ex-wife even used an ex of hers who was a captain to ruin my career, but that backfired because I had good battlion and company commandeers who I told them ahead of time. They contacted his bridage commandeer and he was reprimanded for fratinizing with a military spouse and attempted to abused his rank on a enlisted. The day I left the army was when I was severed with divorce papers by server who was waiting for me at the airport and my ex wife hacked and stole thousANDS OF DOLLARS that i saved over the years in my personal bank account gone to zero same day. She left me with no money, a huge credit card debt, and stranded when I got off the plane at the jfk airport and lived at the terminal for 13 days until a NYPD officier contacted my family and notified the stituation. Then I was put on a plane to california and was checked into a mental facilities for two months because my ex-wife put me so severe and I was mentally brokedown. I had a great psychritrist that had the courage to filed police report against her, but the cops would not do anything because she had friends in nypd and also with the bank as well. I still stuck with a debt that I am not responsible for and her and I are going to court in a couple of months because our attornerys are fighting back and forth because my ex-wife failed to mention debts in the divorce papers and in addition that my ex-wife wants my post 9/11 gi benefits because she thinks that she is entitled to it and my attorney wants show the finiancial evidence aganinst my ex-wife to the judge, but her attorney is trying to tied up the courts to avoid. this has been a circus.

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14 years on, and she is still a kook

Posted by Tired Of This Shit on January 15th, 2015 @ 2:26pm in Colorado

My ex wife and I have been divorced since late 2001, after just 26 months of marital bliss. Basically just long enough to buy a home together and have a daughter. Long story short - she took my 7 month old daughter during Memorial Day weekend 2001 and moved to Denver, which was some 350 miles away. No warning, no signs it was coming to that. There was no infidelity, no abuse. It happened very suddenly for no apparent reason. Fast forward to present day. I'm remarried and my daughter is now 14. My daughter lives primarily with the ex wife and comes to my place on weekends, holidays and breaks from school. It's been a turbulent ride over the years. Instead of having a drama free relationship for the sake of our daughter, the ex wife takes every opportunity to start pointless arguments with me about the stupidest shit. I believe she's also a wino, which compounds her propensity for being an unreasonable sociopath. Strangely, we work in the same industry. I phoned her last night to ask about something pertaining to our daughter. She mentioned she was at a tradeshow I might be interested in and I asked her to say hello to a mutual business associate. Well holy shit, you'd think I asked her to cut off one of her hands. "If he's your buddy, just call him yourself to say hello," she said. Whatever. I chalked it up to her usual bitchy self. And then today, she texts me and says, "so I was curious why you would want me to say hi to your buddy Gary when you don't even do any business with his company?" Fuck, who cares? I was just trying to be friendly. When I texted that back, she responded and said, "blow me." WTF? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Just last week, she emailed me and asked if we could talked about some expenses relating to our daughter. I missed the email. So the next day, just a few hours before I was supposed to pick up our daughter, I got this email from her: "Since you’re clearly too busy to communicate with me about financial things regarding our daughter, looks like we’ll go back to the drawing board once and for all. Regardless, it’s about time that we get all this settled once and for all anyway! Looks like she is staying here this weekend too since I didn’t hear from you. We also have plans next weekend already…" Settle what? There isn't anything that isn't already settled. I pay my damn child support and I pick up my daughter on weekends. It's how it's been for more than a decade. It was also recently my daughter's birthday. Instead of buying her a bunch of junk she didn't ask for, this year I told her I would take her shopping and she could pick some items. We spent the better part of a day shopping and the daughter didn't find much at the shops we visited. So I told her we'd continue later in the week. A few days later, I get a call from batshit crazy ex tearing me a new asshole about not buying the kid anything for her birthday. Again, WTF? I asked daughter what she told the ex and she said only that we went shopping and didn't find what she wanted. Somehow, that turned into I didn't buy her anything from crazy ex. Again, this is just recent events. She apparently goes out drinking regularly with a posse of middle aged skanks and leaves my daughter home alone. She has frequent unprovoked emotional outbursts at my daughter, including cursing and name calling. She's let her own business go to shit. And to top it all off, when she's supposed to pick our daughter up on Sundays, she oftentimes pays the neighbor kid across the street to be her errand boy and pick up our daughter. She's a scary fucking person. And get this, I have brought up the topic of coming to live with me full time with my daughter...and she says she can't because she's afraid her mom will slump into depression and possibly do something to hurt herself. That's my 14 year old. Anyway, I'm just venting. Feel free to leave any comments!

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Posted by KATHLEEN HENN IS A PSYCHO EX WIFE on September 15th, 2014 @ 12:07pm in SAYVILLE, NY

Never thought I would take to a hate blog, but when in Rome... She's 7 years older than him. He was always her safe meal ticket. She was sober when they married, but soonafter became a dictator, micromanaging bitch. He made a deal with the devil. She pushed out one aby and that was it. No more working. Why should she? She already had 2 other kids with 2 other men... Not sure what he was thinking. Fast forward to 10 years later, he finally gets his shit together, pulls the plug and serves her with divorce papers. She was never nice to him, used him for his money, ran up $30,000.00 in credit card debt, now all of a sudden he's the enemy and I, the "homewrecker" - She's pissed her free ride is over. She cut & pasted a picture of me from Linked-In, on some crazy scorned woman blog: most of which is fiction. Even the people who commented on it made fun of her. What an IDIOT! Even added my kid and his disability to it. Complete piece of shit. For their child's sake (she is a lovely little girl, even though poisoned by her mother's bitterness, anger & entitlement) I don't badmouth her to her own kid. She, on the other hand, spares no expense (with all the free time she has on her hands not working) trashing her ex to her kid. She's complete trash. He should have never married her, but you can't go back. Everyone has baggage, but for Christ's sake... What a waste of oxygen. Hopefully, she will die soon :)

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