Posted by KATHLEEN HENN IS A PSYCHO EX WIFE on September 15th, 2014 @ 12:07pm in SAYVILLE, NY

Never thought I would take to a hate blog, but when in Rome... She's 7 years older than him. He was always her safe meal ticket. She was sober when they married, but soonafter became a dictator, micromanaging bitch. He made a deal with the devil. She pushed out one aby and that was it. No more working. Why should she? She already had 2 other kids with 2 other men... Not sure what he was thinking. Fast forward to 10 years later, he finally gets his shit together, pulls the plug and serves her with divorce papers. She was never nice to him, used him for his money, ran up $30,000.00 in credit card debt, now all of a sudden he's the enemy and I, the "homewrecker" - She's pissed her free ride is over. She cut & pasted a picture of me from Linked-In, on some crazy scorned woman blog: most of which is fiction. Even the people who commented on it made fun of her. What an IDIOT! Even added my kid and his disability to it. Complete piece of shit. For their child's sake (she is a lovely little girl, even though poisoned by her mother's bitterness, anger & entitlement) I don't badmouth her to her own kid. She, on the other hand, spares no expense (with all the free time she has on her hands not working) trashing her ex to her kid. She's complete trash. He should have never married her, but you can't go back. Everyone has baggage, but for Christ's sake... What a waste of oxygen. Hopefully, she will die soon :)

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Please Father, forgive them....

Posted by GratefulForFreedom on April 29th, 2014 @ 9:17am in MI

I will never forget what she said to me at 4 A.M. less than a month before she took the kids, left me, skipped town, and filed for divorce. She woke me up and was crying very loudly in the fetal position, and she basically screamed, "I hate my brain! I feel like I'm going crazy! I need help!". The divorce was final last year and I don't believe I'll ever truly understand what happened to the woman I loved. The only conclusion that makes any sense whatsoever is that she became delusional, and truly started to believe she married a horrible vicious animal who could hurt her and the kids at any moment. However, my version of reality is drastically different. The truth is I loved her with all of my heart. I never even thought about raising a hand to her or verbally abusing her. I did everything I possibly could to contribute to her happiness and dreams and provide a good life for her. Then after a few short months of abusing her own body with a concoction of medications and alcohol on top of sleep and food deprivation, she suddenly began blaming me as the reason for all of her unhappiness. I couldn't believe it. My wife had suddenly become someone else before my eyes. It was the most painful experience I have ever gone through, mostly because my innocent children are stuck in the middle of it.... After the major breakdown, she appeared to go from extreme love to extreme hate in a matter of weeks or even days. A massive delusional smear campaign full of false accusations against me soon followed, and sadly for the children it worked in court even though there was no evidence other than hearsay to support it (as they typically do against men nowadays). I'm now left with a huge support payment, anchored to our home and my job in the county my kids were born in, and worrying about my children being with her 85% of the time. It's horrible, but without and endless bank account there appears to be nothing I can do but pray for them. Ultimately, may God have mercy on these poor souls. Please Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

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Posted by Justice for T on April 11th, 2014 @ 10:14pm in California

I have had my boy-friend for over 4 years. When we first met he told me his ex wife was crazy. I will refer to her as the "K". She is officially a lunatic! During the 4 years she has continually taken him back to family Court. However, she has crossed the line this time. In 2011, my boyfriend was injured at work, a shoulder injury. Eventually had to have surgery. "K" works for the same agency. "K" called up the internal affairs department and file a complaint stating that my boyfriend was committing workman's comp. fraud. She admitted she never saw him do anything wrong but she just knew he was, and that he was a "bad role model" for HER son. Now, I work in law enforcement and the first thing that would raise my eyebrow would be an ex-wife wanting to file a complaint against her ex husband after being divorced and remarried after approx. 10 years. A real investigator would tell her to come back and give me something to work with..... Consider the source "an ex wife". So of course this agency took the ball a ran with it. The "K" informed the investigators of when , where and information for the investigators to easily locate my boyfriend and follow him. The "K" became chummy buddies with the investigators as they were on this "quest" to screw my boyfriend. The department notified workman's comp. who investigated my boyfriend and surveilled him for 6 weeks. Workman's comp. said NO he's not doing anything wrong and stopped their investigation..... BUT, no the department and the "K" just had to get him doing something wrong and continued to follow him for MONTHS. One day in family Court she told the Judge my boyfriend was under investigation and was going to be arrested. My boyfriend and I were like what are you talking about. Little did we know "K" while in family Court knew the department investigators were putting a GPS tracking system on his truck.... The "K" told them where he would be. After several more months go by my boyfriend and I drive up to my house and there are some investigators who say they have a search warrant for his house and his truck.... I knew immediately this had something to do with his ex-wife. The investigator admitted he knew it was my house. My house was NOT on the search warrant. The investigator said he would follow my boyfriend to his house.... The investigator followed my boyfriend into my house and began searching through MY house.... ILLEGAL SEARCH!!! The investigator allowed my boyfriend to get into his truck and didn't even search his truck for weapons??? I confronted the investigators and said "if this has anything to do with his ex-wife she is a Fxxxxx lunatic". The investigators looked at each other like "how did she know" Believe me it had the "K"s stink all over it. The investigator had a search warrant for that. Professionally that is poor officer safety (just a side note). After everything was done I read the search warrant. I told my boyfriend the investigators might as well as just "copied and pasted" from the "K"s family court paperwork because everything she didn't like my boyfriend doing with their son was on the warrant. and some how him doing activities with his son was workman comp fraud., well more months went by. The department tried to fire my boyfriend. The DA brought charges against my boyfriend, he was arrest and bailed out, and he had a full fledged jury trial. Yep during the jury trial the TRUTH came out. Well the truth was his ex-wife was all over this case.... Believe me she definitely made a wonderful impression upon jurors. lol! What's funny is the prosecution didn't want her as a witness (their star informant) and the defense. The defense supoena'd her and her husband because if they were on the witness list they could not go in the Court room and taunt my boyfriend. Oh believe me they tried to the first day. So the "K" is a pure cancer to both sides.... Pretty bad when NO ONE wants you!!!! Other people who were called in as witnesses lied all over the board, they were all throwing each other under the bus. Nobody could get their stories straight. I guess that's what happens when you start something on pure evil lies. The truth will come out. My Boyfriend was found NOT GUILTY on all charges. A 3 year ordeal. "K" did this so she could get full custody of their son..... Obviously this will backfire on her.... I firmly believe YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW ..... and after what she has done... I think rotting in hell would be easier.

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when it goes to far

Posted by justice on April 9th, 2014 @ 11:42pm

I'll start off telling you I'm an ex wife and I think I try to understand there are always 2 sides to every story. Both my boyfriend of almost 2 years and I had children and got married young. We were both in these marriages for 10 plus years. He and his ex have been divorced for over 3 years. She left him and their 4 kids for another man. She tried to get him back but he was done after all the stunts she pulled. She got physical with him, there was a restraining order on her, the list goes on, you get it. He has custody of the 2 older boys and she has the 2 younger kids a boy and girl. When my boyfriend and I started to get more serious and involve our children, is when I found out that he had a crazy ex wife. It's been almost 2 years and I have never even talk to his ex because she doesn't want to. I'm respecting her decision but should I? I'll tell you a little about this childish behavior. My boyfriend and ex have split custody so he transports on his weekends and she does on hers. It took her a long time before she would even come over for curb side pick up if I was there. She would make him do it on her turns so she would have to see me. Saying that to this day I still haven't been ten feet from her. Why because she is to childish and doesn't want to meet me. So I respect that and I don't meet her. I once watch there little girl who was 4 at the time. The ex works night so she gets off work around 2. My boyfriend had his kids that night and brought the 4 year old to me in the morning when he went work. The other kids went to school. She had to wait tell her 15 year old got out of school to come pick her up. This was so he could just come to my door to get her. That way she didn't have to see or talk to me. This is we're I need advice. Should I just let her talk too me when she is ready? Our should I confront her so she doesn't have to make the first move? She has been abusive too her ex my boyfriend. She had threaten him I better not ever talk to her. Of course there is the name calling. She has called me every name in the book. She always has to tell my boyfriend that I'm ugly. Which really does hurt my feeling. But I'm not ugly and I move on. She does all the typical crazy jealous ex wife stuff. She left him I am not his first girlfriend do this is nothing about me or who I am. But let's get to the serious part. When she left she pretty much left the kids the too. I guess a good lawyer and the fact the the younger ones were 6 and under its how she got custody of them. Getting off track. My boyfriend has custody of his 13 year old and 15 year old boys. The 13 year old does not get along with his mom it's a fight tho get him to go with her. I don't blame him She had told him to never come back and won't take him when they fight. She has tired to turn the 2 kid s she has against him. Still this is just normal crazy ex wife stuff. This is the biggest reason I want advice. The ex wife and get boyfriend are alcoholics. She once had a friend drive her to my boyfriend house to do the kids off because she was drunk. She once came over to my boyfriend and set on his porch chugged a big drink and left a bit intoxicated. We just found out they drink and drive with the kids. Just this last weekend when she dropped the kids off She had 4beers and drank another one at his house! So she was again drinking and driving with her kids. My boyfriend didn't called the cops because he didn't know if she had enough to be drunk and the kids were staying with him. He says he is going to call the cops and get her caught. I know he doesn't want his kids or anyone else hurt. How involved should I get? Should I just sit back and let him deal with it?

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Insanity/Borderline Personality Disorder

Posted by Danmerica on February 17th, 2014 @ 11:41am in NH

My story is simple enough to start. I ran into an ex I had dated a few years earlier she had been nuts then but the depths of it escaped me at the time. She looked me up (all crazies look YOU up) I was recently single after being with a GF for a few years so it was a “rebound”. She seemed to have matured some and was looking good. I completely fell for it and she talked me after a couple months to get married. She literally pushed the idea endlessly and since I was in my mid 30’s never married and no kids I justified the idea as “might as well give it a shot”. She was only 21 on SSI and living in a subsidized apartment building. Got married at town hall she didn’t even care to do the vows, no ceremony. She had dated this other guy off and on for years, he has two small kids she seems to think are hers. She has a very unhealthy mindset about children. I find out after we are married she has pending court dates for taking a hammer to his car. This happened literally a day before she “looked me up”. I find this man and I have a mutual friend I give this friend a call. I find out my “wife” is a notorious whore in the town she was living in. I’m talking she is a door knob and EVERYONE willing has had a turn. I find out she has broken into his home (gone through his PC), filed fake rape charges, faked overdoses, faked pregnancy (she did this to me the first go around but claimed she miscarried after a few weeks this instantly reminded me). She cheated on this slob constantly, has had sex with 3 different men in her apartment building. After 6 weeks of “marriage” and a week after her court case with this man end (I paid her 250 dollar fine), she starts calling him from my phone while I am at work. He says “leave him”, I get call at work she says she is with “her” kids. I’m obviously less surprised then I might have been but of course it is humiliating. He uses her for about a week and kicks her out, she is back in her unfurnished apartment since we threw away all her crappy furniture because after all she was supposed to live with me lol! She stole the receipt for her Valentines present I bought her 2 weeks before she left and returns it for the 300 bucks or so it was worth. Then she calls me crying saying SSI shutoff her checks, well yes they do that when you marry someone who makes enough money to disqualify you and she says “I don’t know why this is happening to me??? I’m a good person.” Now if I had not been a mental mess filing for divorce that very day was exactly what I should have done, instead I got sucked into almost a year of nonsense. Someone called DCYS on this man, likely her since she thinks they are hers and she has told me he is Satan himself at times. She shows up yelling and screaming at my home, pounding on windows and door. I just call the police they try numerous times to simply ask her to leave she yells and screams at them about speaking to “her husband” until they finally arrest her and charge her with “criminal trespass”. I tell my victims advocate she is crazy and needs a lot of help, she is already court ordered to get. She is supposed to be on meds and see a counselor she doesn’t. She pleads out with a suspended 30 days hanging over her head. A WEEK later she is calling me sorry asking for a second chance. The entire month of March was her going back and forth on what SHE wants between me and him. I lose my job because frankly I was broken so now I am broke. April/May are more of the same she comes and goes between me and him. Then one night she calls me at 2am claiming she needs to talk, I head over (stupidly) and buzzed to be perfectly honest. I get there and it is clear she just had sex within the past 20 minutes and it was some other guy apparently. A sex offender in fact who lives across the street. I yell at her some, the downstairs neighbor calls the police they knock on the door> She flies into hysterics the police arrest me for a host of domestic charges (all dropped before my lawyer and I ever see a judge) because 2 weeks later she wants to “save” me this of course after trying to “screw” me. She goes to the PD and reverse course 180 degrees in the 3rd interview. Telling them we had sex and all sorts of different lies I’ll not go into. Then in June she gets arrested for “stalking” this other guy. They had a no contact order they both ignore but he had it in his back pocket. She got mad at his kids mom and stole her car seat and chucked it in the woods and slashed on pf his tires with a cork screw, she calls me up to brag about it like I cared. The cops are called she lies but she admits she has a on contact with this man so the very next time she calls him, he goes to the PD and she is arrested, released on bail. Two weeks after making bail she and him are still running around. I have a no contact with her with my pending case (dropped while she is in jail)with her of course and unlike her I didn’t want to have her get mad and throw me under the bus. Well he drives by her apartment one day and sees who??? The sex offender strolling outside with her, he flips out because he is married to her, right? Drives to the PD again and turns her in, they arrest her and throw her in jail for the next 3 months. Also during this time she took up as a “stripper” for a pimp who was selling her for 150 bucks an hour for sex (sex offender would sit in the other room in case it went bad). She wastes her share of the money on decorations, yard sales and TONS of Halloween crap, her trash bag mother knew she was doing it and helped her waste the money. She was not prego but bought strollers, baby clothes, bottles, cradle, car seats. A scumbag friend of hers got her to pay for her dogs vet bill and let her watch her infant son since she had all the crap at her house. The letters start arriving a few weeks after she goes inside. I was no speaking to her for a few months at this point and some of the events previously stated where unknown to me (hooker). I wrote a stingy reply but sadly I sent it to her maiden name which got it returned to sender. Instead she called and stupidity prevailed and I visited her and decided if she would take her meds, go to therapy and never speak to that guy or her scumbag friends again I’d give her a final chance. Even in jail when a letter, call or visit is precious stuff she still found ways to piss me off. The sex offender was writing her, course he was a guest at the jail so often he was not allowed to visit. I was unaware of this until the day she got released because the moron took them home with us. She was fine for 3 days, I learned she took our old cat I gave her for walks inside the baby stroller around town and planned to do it again now. I went for a walk with her and the cat to my everlasting shame. 3 DAYS after her release she starts acting cold and rude her mom picks her up and GAME OVER she went to that guys house and the sex offender house on the SAME night. The guy actually Facebook messaged me to rub it in my face because I had politely asked that he leave her alone when she gets out. She then the next night went to her “friends” house for a party. She comes by with this woman’s baby and she is supposed to be getting her stuff instead she just parks down on the bed with this baby I walked off into another room figuring she’ll get moving sooner or later. A little while later maybe 15 minutes I go back and she is topless (bra only) with this kids mouth very close to her nipple. I said “what the hell are you doing?” she stared up at me and says “just so you know I had sex with her “friends” younger brother last night”> I lost it but the baby made me maintain room voice levels and told her to get the hell out now and she started in on me and it was a minor miracle she left without it becoming something horrible. I called her friend and warned her how incredibly unwise it was to leave her alone with a baby but I suspect she didn’t care. She continued to call me for months, wrote letters and stalked me. I couldn’t afford to file for the divorce so I was hoping she’d do it since she gets all that Govt aid for free. Finally the divorce paperwork arrives June, 2013, 2 ½ years later. She requests alimony, health insurance (She has SSI insurance already) and anything else deemed “appropriate”. Our first hearing she shows up dressed up, hair done, make up, short dress I KNOW I could have had her. It was obviously a show for her to force me to deal with her after ignoring her for over a year. Once I refuse to speak to her she hops on her cell in the courthouse lobby and starts talking to numerous men and trying to score “pills”. Loud enough for me and others to hear, her intent. She says this about on prospective pill guy “He won’t sell me anything unless I get naked”. We get called in, the judge sees the short length of marriage and wants to just rubber stamp it as both parties going their own ways. I had secured a lawyer for “partial” representation just in case. She goes off saying I used to beat her, gave her a disease? And she needs money, insurance. The judge tries to setup a hearing since she can’t just make it easy, I explain I hired a lawyer for that hearing. She says when the judge asks if a date was ok “I don’t know I got court dates for other things”. We are then told we can leave she firs out of the courthouse and gets on her phone in the middle of the parking lot yelling and crying making a HUGE scene. Next hearing she showed up like a Wal-Mart shopper, meekly threw in the towel but she failed to fill all her paperwork out on purpose thankfully my lawyer along with the judge allowed us to complete it. A month later she landed in jail again for I have no idea what but she has been there for the last 6 months and counting. I imagine she is still abusing and using those around her, I never bought into mental illness before this experience.

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