My ex wife is an evil sociopath

Posted by Golfpro7272 on May 22nd, 2015 @ 2:17am in Louisiana

My ex-wife is a psychopathic sociopath. She has destroyed my life my children's life, my new wife's life, her mother's life her stepfather's life. She is nothing more than a waste of space on this earth, using every minute she is not passed out on all the drugs she does, tormenting others with her emotional abuse. She is a vile disgusting thing ( don't think she is human ) she had me fooled for many years with all her lies, but she is a great liar and came across charming always. Now that she's gotten older and she looks like an old bag of leather she is not so charming anymore. People are tired of her. She cannot manipulate people like she was able to when she was younger. For two reasons, one she has burn every bridge she ever had. Two because she is no longer charming to anyone because she looks so rough. My children are now 16 and 13 and I'm so thankful they have not turned out to be mentally ill because of the crap she has done to them. Especially my 13-year-old son who she has neglected and could give two craps about. But she wants to pretend to be mother of the year, but behind closed doors he is neglected and ignored. So he chooses to spend most of his time here at my home with me and my new wife (new wife and I been married 6 years) I am surprised that my new wife is still here with me. She has been through hell and back because of my ex-wife. My ex-wife I started a horrible nasty rumors about her because she wants to ruin her reputation, because my ex-wife is so insecure that my children may like my new wife. So my ex destroyed that I am surprised that my new wife is still here with me. She has been through hell and back because of my ex-wife. My ex-wife I started a horrible nasty rumors about her because she wants to ruin her reputation, because my ex-wife is so insecure that relationship before it ever got a fair chance. Good thing that my children are smart and they could see through my ex-wife's craziness, and they saw that my new wife was consistent, she followed through, and she was a good person and genuinely care for my children. Only an evil person would be angry if they found out their ex spouse married a person who cared genuinely for their children. I've learned that she will never change she will always be evil to her core. So I have cut off all contact with her. I haven't heard from her in over a year in Moloch has become much more peaceful and I feel like I can live

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My fathers crazy estranged wife

Posted by James on April 22nd, 2015 @ 7:15am in North Carolina

I am the executor of my fathers estate. He died recently in the middle of a divorce and look what this crazy woman is trying to pull. Please share this and get the word out.

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International marriages. Be wary.

Posted by Clark Kent on April 21st, 2015 @ 11:25am in Australia

Been divorced 2 years. Married for 2, together for 3, on and off. Longest most depressing mental hell Im ever likely to experience. She was from Memphis, married before with 3 kids. I'd been married before no kids. Chatted on line at first. Of course it's every thing you want it to be and more, right? I may have embellished here or there, just as she did. No biggy. I had a bit of cash from prev. divorce settlement. I flew to Memphis to meet her. We seemed to get along, and of course, the long distance romance begins. Start, stop, start, stop. Never getting enough time to really have a decent crack at being together. We fought most of the time. I left there, early, several times. When she was here in Aus, she left early as well. I eventually went to try and live there. Cared for her kids, befriended her ex in support of the kids. Rented a home, bought new furniture, and a car etc. didn't get residence, gut feeling said 'go back to Aus' so I did. She was to follow, after a few months of to ing and fro ing, we got married in Memphis. I returned she stayed on to tie things up. She gave the car and furniture to her ex husband and kids. I was working my ass off back in Aus. She came over, we started again. Ffs, I had tried several times by this stage to end the relationship, she had threatened suicide etc, and would abuse me and accuse me of everything. I kept her, paid for her kids to come out one by one, the youngest at one point wasn't old enough to travel alone and so I paid for the ex to come out too! The three kids together lasted a few weeks. She then decided she'd like to get them out permanently. So along with all the costs involved with travel, for her several times, me, her kids and her ex, plus immigration, I found myself out of pocket to the tune of around 60 k. I continued to work, she stayed home and shopped on line, sat on the lounge and worked on making her ass larger basically. I washed, did dishes, made beds, did home maintenance, taxied the kids around, payed kids school fees, fed clothed cared for, encouraged, took on holiday etc. I had a serious crack at making it work for the sake of her kids. They had come a long way, different country, left their Dad, it was tough for them. Things went from bad to worse, she couldn't handle the kids all together, she would loose the plot, lash out, sulk, dish out the silent treatment, use sex (or lack there of) threaten suicide again, fake pregnancies, constantly seeking medical attention for her. Of course I had to pick up the pieces, I was responsible for this crazy cow that I had sponsored to Aus, and her kids. After 18 mnths in Aus, I was finally able to end the relationship. She kicked me out of course, told the kids I had another woman etc. I moved into my camper van in a local, caravan park. I left my Patrol with her, I had a work car. She would stalk me in the park in the wee hours of the morning, leaving the kids at home alone in bed.. I knew the sound of my own vehicle, as you do. The kids didn't attend school in the last few months before they left, the school would ring me to ask of their whereabouts etc as they could never get her to respond. She would call me a dozen or more times a day whilst I was at work, to abuse me again. She broke into the camper, stole my camera, laptop, phone etc. anything that was useful for my trade in web developing. She slandered me around town to those that would listen, hid my 6,000 pushy on me, stole my wedding ring from previous, and sentimental gold jewellery, coins trinkets. Burnt my pics of my previous life, and wife, (whom I'm quite amicable with) slashed my clothes, trashed the Patrol, had a garage sale and sold all my belongings. Bludged off my parents, went to the Dr. gave him a big spiel about what an abusive bastard I was, tried to get a med cert to say she was unfit to fly as she knew I would cancel her sponsorship etc. berated me and abused, physically and mentally. Threat after threat. I was a broken destitute man. She cleared out my bank accounts, took my whole months wage several times to fund herself whilst we were separated in Aus. I still gave her grocery money, paid the rent on the house, as well as my site fees weekly, bought her smokes, and groceries for 3 months until I could get her the 'fuck outa Dodge' (Aus) she decided she needed money to go back and re settle in the states of course. So to the tune of an extra 30 k with air fares for her and her kids, I was finally able to get her out of my life. I had unfortunately had to consolidate a personal loan over that time as well. In total around 150 k. More fool me, right? In short, she lied about most things, most of the time. Was/is a master manipulator, once she was out of the country, she dropped her kids back to their father in Memphis, and went and started a new life alone in Chicago. All the money she said she needed to relocate them etc, she squandered to herself. She admitted to breaking into my van, and theft etc. after she was 15000 miles away. The threats and abuse didn't stop there either. For months she would send me abusive emails blaming me for everything, trying to warn all of my female friends on social networking etc. abused my parents after they had bent over backwards to support her and her kids. It took me ages to recover from that. The mental abuse was over whelming. Im a huge advocate for men's rights. Unfortunately, there's not a paper trail to accurately demonstrate what a lot of men go through at the hands of crazed women. We tend to keep our mouths shut. It's time we fckn started talking more guys!! I'm still broke, but am now in a good, stable, loving and equal relationship. Thank you Jeeeebus! Cheers.

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My colombian ex wife

Posted by Veteran on January 29th, 2015 @ 9:09pm

My ex-wife was biggest psychopath in my life. I met her online when I was in the military. Everything was good at first and I thought I found the right one. Right after we got married, things went haywire. Her exes had gotten in the way of our marriage. Her friends disapproved of me because I wasn't consider established enough or educated enough because I was enlisted soldier. She manipulated me several times. She blocked me from everything including social media, because she wanted be sneaking and not knowing . She refused to come where i was stationed at to live with me because she wanted stay in nyc to collect the BHA from my paycheck. She even stole my credit card without my knowledge. She has even blackmail and extorted me several times. Her exes taken her places behind my back and they told me that I was a loser and not real man in the military because my ex wife should be someone that their calibular and not me because I am not good enough for her. My ex-wife even used an ex of hers who was a captain to ruin my career, but that backfired because I had good battlion and company commandeers who I told them ahead of time. They contacted his bridage commandeer and he was reprimanded for fratinizing with a military spouse and attempted to abused his rank on a enlisted. The day I left the army was when I was severed with divorce papers by server who was waiting for me at the airport and my ex wife hacked and stole thousANDS OF DOLLARS that i saved over the years in my personal bank account gone to zero same day. She left me with no money, a huge credit card debt, and stranded when I got off the plane at the jfk airport and lived at the terminal for 13 days until a NYPD officier contacted my family and notified the stituation. Then I was put on a plane to california and was checked into a mental facilities for two months because my ex-wife put me so severe and I was mentally brokedown. I had a great psychritrist that had the courage to filed police report against her, but the cops would not do anything because she had friends in nypd and also with the bank as well. I still stuck with a debt that I am not responsible for and her and I are going to court in a couple of months because our attornerys are fighting back and forth because my ex-wife failed to mention debts in the divorce papers and in addition that my ex-wife wants my post 9/11 gi benefits because she thinks that she is entitled to it and my attorney wants show the finiancial evidence aganinst my ex-wife to the judge, but her attorney is trying to tied up the courts to avoid. this has been a circus.

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14 years on, and she is still a kook star star star star star   (1 ratings)

Posted by Tired Of This Shit on January 15th, 2015 @ 2:26pm in Colorado

My ex wife and I have been divorced since late 2001, after just 26 months of marital bliss. Basically just long enough to buy a home together and have a daughter. Long story short - she took my 7 month old daughter during Memorial Day weekend 2001 and moved to Denver, which was some 350 miles away. No warning, no signs it was coming to that. There was no infidelity, no abuse. It happened very suddenly for no apparent reason. Fast forward to present day. I'm remarried and my daughter is now 14. My daughter lives primarily with the ex wife and comes to my place on weekends, holidays and breaks from school. It's been a turbulent ride over the years. Instead of having a drama free relationship for the sake of our daughter, the ex wife takes every opportunity to start pointless arguments with me about the stupidest shit. I believe she's also a wino, which compounds her propensity for being an unreasonable sociopath. Strangely, we work in the same industry. I phoned her last night to ask about something pertaining to our daughter. She mentioned she was at a tradeshow I might be interested in and I asked her to say hello to a mutual business associate. Well holy shit, you'd think I asked her to cut off one of her hands. "If he's your buddy, just call him yourself to say hello," she said. Whatever. I chalked it up to her usual bitchy self. And then today, she texts me and says, "so I was curious why you would want me to say hi to your buddy Gary when you don't even do any business with his company?" Fuck, who cares? I was just trying to be friendly. When I texted that back, she responded and said, "blow me." WTF? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Just last week, she emailed me and asked if we could talked about some expenses relating to our daughter. I missed the email. So the next day, just a few hours before I was supposed to pick up our daughter, I got this email from her: "Since you’re clearly too busy to communicate with me about financial things regarding our daughter, looks like we’ll go back to the drawing board once and for all. Regardless, it’s about time that we get all this settled once and for all anyway! Looks like she is staying here this weekend too since I didn’t hear from you. We also have plans next weekend already…" Settle what? There isn't anything that isn't already settled. I pay my damn child support and I pick up my daughter on weekends. It's how it's been for more than a decade. It was also recently my daughter's birthday. Instead of buying her a bunch of junk she didn't ask for, this year I told her I would take her shopping and she could pick some items. We spent the better part of a day shopping and the daughter didn't find much at the shops we visited. So I told her we'd continue later in the week. A few days later, I get a call from batshit crazy ex tearing me a new asshole about not buying the kid anything for her birthday. Again, WTF? I asked daughter what she told the ex and she said only that we went shopping and didn't find what she wanted. Somehow, that turned into I didn't buy her anything from crazy ex. Again, this is just recent events. She apparently goes out drinking regularly with a posse of middle aged skanks and leaves my daughter home alone. She has frequent unprovoked emotional outbursts at my daughter, including cursing and name calling. She's let her own business go to shit. And to top it all off, when she's supposed to pick our daughter up on Sundays, she oftentimes pays the neighbor kid across the street to be her errand boy and pick up our daughter. She's a scary fucking person. And get this, I have brought up the topic of coming to live with me full time with my daughter...and she says she can't because she's afraid her mom will slump into depression and possibly do something to hurt herself. That's my 14 year old. Anyway, I'm just venting. Feel free to leave any comments!

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