Crazy is as Crazy does

Posted by Betrayed on January 15th, 2014 @ 9:22am

Quick facts: shotgun marriage, after having known her only 3 months. All was well and good since we were both middle aged, well paid professionals. What could go wrong? Well, lots it turns out. I was husband #3, the other 2 lasting less than 2 yrs each. Of course it was their fault not hers....'they' filed for divorce. So the victim card is played early on so I'm sympathetic. Then she 'accidentally' gets pregnant with me...thats equally on me, but you'd think she'd at least express some concern not having protection. ANYway, once pregnant and married, the transformation from alluring female to spirit-sucking vampire occurs. Nothing I did was good enough. If the house was clean there was something outside that hadnt been done she criticized me for. If was afraid to ask her questions because she would feel 'disrespected' if I didnt remember something she told me 3 or 6 months ago. She isolated me from my family by protesting every time they came over. It was a major event for me to ask to have my family over. Even her relationships with her parents was always rocky and stormy. Her mother even tried to put a curse on her at one point. Her dad would refer to her as 'the nazi' to me. Years go by, and we end up with 2 more kids, as I thought once we got through the childbearing stage we could have a normal life. Nope. Not even close. She nagged me about everything. She would roll her eyes every time I wanted to talk about our relationship -- no, she said, it will make my blood pressure go up. She would deflect all of my physical intimacy advances, criticizing something about how I looked, smelled, really anything she could think of. Even the act itself on the rare occassion it happened was more a 'chore' for her. I eventually thought ok, this is all she is capable of -- an arms-length marriage. More of a business relationship. Not sustainable. She finally reached out online to some other disgruntled spouse and they became 'soulmates'. He lives halfway across the country, but they have already met in other cities while he traveled on business. And this is occurring while she has a 4-month old infant and 2 more kids under the age of 5! What kind of mother does this??? I still cant believe it. She is amped up on lust, working out, getting her hair done, flying first class to be the 'mistress'. Once again a safe relationship that doesnt need any work except chatting online and the occassional tryst. So the pattern continues, with this sucker being the next vampire victim. I so wanted to tell his wife, but I feel like they deserve each other and he will self destruct his life just as she did with hers. Plus it will make her even more crazy and since I have to play nice for the kids, I am just letting the tree fall and I'll step away......let her sink in her own quicksand. Just remember, if she seems crazy, she probably is! get out!!!

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Please Help

Posted by Tracy K on December 31st, 2013 @ 12:02pm in Omaha, Nebraska

I love this site!! I come to it when I need to calm down due to the "Crazy Ex-Wife". We bought my step-daughter (7 year old) a cell phone for Christmas so that we can call her and not have to go through her crazy mother. In the past my Husband would call his daughter her mom would not put her on and say she is busy. My step-daughter would eventually call, but it will be hours later. We had her for the first week of winter break and once she opened her phone we allowed her and her mother to text and talk though out the day, even more then the courts allowed because she was excited about her cell phone. Well yesterday was the first day the crazy ex had her daughter. They were traveling to a different state (6 hour car ride) and I texted my step daughter to let her know where we were going for dinner on Saturday because it is her father's birthday. Her mom texted me back to say don't text. My husband tried to call and text his daughter yesterday and today but neither of them answer their phone. Today my step daughter did call her father (on her mom's phone) with the mom hovering over her and not letting her talk freely (which is against their agreement). Has anyone had a special agreement or amendment added to the divorce decree to include the child's cell phone and rules for it? Thanks for all your help and hang in there!!

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Married to a pyscho!!

Posted by Burnt out Papi on December 26th, 2013 @ 4:59pm in Boston, Ma

I'm married to a total lunatic. She's very polarizing, she's Up or Down, Happy or Depressed, Sweet or Psycho, Yes or No, 1 or 10 etc, etc. (no in-betweens) The roller coaster ride is more volatile than ever after 33 years. Stayed with her even after she walked out on me and the kids a few times, me thinking I had to hold it all together. Over time, she has debilitated me like her mother did to her father did and her mother's mother did to her own husband. They drank a lot for solace and refuge and burnt holes in the colons dying of cancer eventually while the widows partied on-the grandmother went banging her husbands brother 2 weeks after he passes- Great role model for my wife!. I refuse to be killed by this monster. I know divorcing her will be as bad as tolerating her unpredictability. She smiles as she kills. I've dedicated my whole live to the care-taking our our kids, family , house, personal and even the laundry. No sex anymore. Wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Sex really does mean something to me more than just a ejaculation so I'm not wasting any more of me in her. Anyway, she beats me up verbally always and ever so cleverly around others. I'm very strong mentally but kids noticed she's cracked my armor a little. Time to cut this crazy loose and get financially raped? Open for advice as to how to end it.

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Borderline Personality Disorder Ex

Posted by Victim of a Sociopath on December 14th, 2013 @ 8:06pm in Atlanta GA

(This is my opinion to which I am entitled) If you meet a divorced middle-aged woman in Atlanta named Lisa H you need to RUN!!! You may not be tempted as she has gone from a very good looking woman to something that looks (and has been) rode hard and hung up wet. Due to a lifetime of hard drinking, heavy smoking and lack of personal care you'll probably give her a look only if you're desperate to get laid. She may seem nice but she's deceptive, been banged more times than a cab door and lives like a slob. Very Important! First, do a Google search on Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD women were mentally screwed up early in childhood and grow up to be extremely horrible in relationships. They have extremely low self esteem and are highly toxic. You are never in the relationship that you think you are in with them. You are living in a highly dysfunctional situation that is going to push you to dark places and destroy your sense of self, drive, ambition and mental health. When you first meet a BPD woman they are an absolute dream - they love you, are sexual and will seem to be exactly what you want - the coolest girlfriend ever. They tell you all about how they've been hurt, abused, etc. to get your sympathy. If you get lured in and you try to be the "white knight" your adventure into hell has started. After they lure you in and as they feel that you are hooked they begin to morph into an insecure and increasingly hostile psycho that will alienate your family, friends and hate whatever you enjoy (hobbies, car, etc.). Sex disappears, attacks on you escalate and the distancing behaviors go into full motion. They begin to tear you down with mental, verbal and physical abuse all the while playing the victim and never admitting to any wrongdoing. They will often try to get you to hit them, cheat on them or otherwise do something where they become the victim and use it as reason to abandon you. And yes, you will be part of the victim story told to the next guy she snares. When she has totally torn you down she will then she view you as worthless and abruptly abandon you. You will be shell shocked and devastated that you gave her your all and she simply used you - she is an emotional vampire. She will convince you that you are the problem, you are crazy and you ruined everything - BUT she will want to be your friend. BPD women cheat and lie while they accuse you of doing it - a LOT of projection going on! Many are violent (rage) and it is almost impossible to ever make them go away. To people outside of the relationship they seem nice and normal - they are VERY skilled at deception, lying and manipulation. You can get drawn into this nightmare in a subtle manner like walking into an ambush. Don't be tricked! A lifetime series of short failed relationships tells you all you need to know - my attempt to make a marriage work wasted some of my best years. If you meet her do not engage just GET AWAY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by THEY EXIST on December 5th, 2013 @ 5:13pm in MI

Gents if you run across a Stacy W. in Ottawa Co. MI, for your own sanity RUN! Pathological liar, documented personality disorder, rarely showers or shaves, dresses like a man, and hates all men. Hates her now ex-husband even more than she loves her kids. I've read the poor guy's story, and WOW! We all know man-hating lesbo's exist and guess what? Their biological clocks still tick!! If they're bat$hit crazy enough they will hide who they really are just long enough to score some sperm and secure a paycheck.... Scary but true! THEY EXIST

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