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Danelle Walden / Fepekki Crawford

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These two bitches here. Danelle Walden is the ex wife who claims my friend, Tina, took her husband when all along, they were getting a divorce. We have her old phone with her facebook acct still open. she is dumbbbbbbbb. We know everything she's been doing, but goes crazy on my girl. Then this broad, Fepekki Crawford, he been cheating with for 13 years come to where he is at Fort Campbell and he, Stuart Jackson, cheats with her for 8 months. He dogged my girl, lied to her, made her to feel guilty about everything, manipulated her, etc. Then the bastard goes to so call visit his kids and stays with the ex wife. wtf? now he mad and treat her like garbage cause she filed for divorce. he says its her fault. he is the dumbest, most ignorant, nigga i know. ladies beware. he is nice as a friend only. get involved and he's a monster. She hates them all, but still loves him. Karma got something for them all. Bitches!

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