school teacher

Posted by dad on February 7th, 2014 @ 2:08pm in cape cod ma.

Ok so .. my ex WIFE is a high school art teacher. during our marriage several years ago she was accused of having an 'improper relationship" with a male student. she was diciplined but not fired. This student eventually dropped out of school, he then spent a lot of time at our house, i eventually gave him a job working for me, we raised him like a son, he even called my ex momma. Long disgusting story short they are now together and he is living in my old house with my kids. There is nothing illegal about dating your former students but YUCK AND YUCK WTF?

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i win

Posted by aguy on February 3rd, 2014 @ 11:41pm in colorado

My ex wife claimed my son was transgendered to try to get full custody of my son. She also authored emails from my email account to other dudes looking for action. I guess she thought I would run away? Four years later and a over 60k, my son has a chance of coming home to stay in April. Away from that monster for good. Ex wife's are always a pain in the ass. But when they mess with the kids it should be criminal. They grow up and when moms the perp... Watch out. America has a mom problem, what in the help happened?

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Nut bag ex still on the loose!

Posted by Megan on January 22nd, 2014 @ 3:10pm in California

My boyfriend of nearly four years has an insane ex wife. She has done everything possible to destroy him. I stay out of it as long as she leaves me out of it, but it seems that is almost impossible these days. She tried to "tell" the judge to order him to pay more child support because he has a girlfriend. It didn't work, but she lied about child care and pretended to put their 2 kids in daycare and never did. He has to go back to court to lower child support due to her lying. She also stole money from him and then told the court he wasn't paying her "her" money. He set up support to come out of paychecks...she's tried to get the courts to deny visitation in every way possible. She called the cops on him because she claimed he didn't have booster seats and the cops checked and he does! She called the cops because he told her to get away from his car! The cops told her she could be fined for wasting their time. She was stalking him on face book and Instagram too. Judge did nothing. She has an open child abyse case against her too and the judge does nothing. She tells the kids how terrible he is and that I'm fat and ugly! Not either!!!!!! She tries to make kids hate him but they love us! We act normal and caring and we let them see for themselves how crazy she is. Why do ppl not see the warning signs on these nutty chicks? She needs to be put in an insane asylum. She can't hold a boyfriend either. 2 have high tailed it.

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Crazy is as Crazy does

Posted by Betrayed on January 15th, 2014 @ 9:22am

Quick facts: shotgun marriage, after having known her only 3 months. All was well and good since we were both middle aged, well paid professionals. What could go wrong? Well, lots it turns out. I was husband #3, the other 2 lasting less than 2 yrs each. Of course it was their fault not hers....'they' filed for divorce. So the victim card is played early on so I'm sympathetic. Then she 'accidentally' gets pregnant with me...thats equally on me, but you'd think she'd at least express some concern not having protection. ANYway, once pregnant and married, the transformation from alluring female to spirit-sucking vampire occurs. Nothing I did was good enough. If the house was clean there was something outside that hadnt been done she criticized me for. If was afraid to ask her questions because she would feel 'disrespected' if I didnt remember something she told me 3 or 6 months ago. She isolated me from my family by protesting every time they came over. It was a major event for me to ask to have my family over. Even her relationships with her parents was always rocky and stormy. Her mother even tried to put a curse on her at one point. Her dad would refer to her as 'the nazi' to me. Years go by, and we end up with 2 more kids, as I thought once we got through the childbearing stage we could have a normal life. Nope. Not even close. She nagged me about everything. She would roll her eyes every time I wanted to talk about our relationship -- no, she said, it will make my blood pressure go up. She would deflect all of my physical intimacy advances, criticizing something about how I looked, smelled, really anything she could think of. Even the act itself on the rare occassion it happened was more a 'chore' for her. I eventually thought ok, this is all she is capable of -- an arms-length marriage. More of a business relationship. Not sustainable. She finally reached out online to some other disgruntled spouse and they became 'soulmates'. He lives halfway across the country, but they have already met in other cities while he traveled on business. And this is occurring while she has a 4-month old infant and 2 more kids under the age of 5! What kind of mother does this??? I still cant believe it. She is amped up on lust, working out, getting her hair done, flying first class to be the 'mistress'. Once again a safe relationship that doesnt need any work except chatting online and the occassional tryst. So the pattern continues, with this sucker being the next vampire victim. I so wanted to tell his wife, but I feel like they deserve each other and he will self destruct his life just as she did with hers. Plus it will make her even more crazy and since I have to play nice for the kids, I am just letting the tree fall and I'll step away......let her sink in her own quicksand. Just remember, if she seems crazy, she probably is! get out!!!

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Please Help

Posted by Tracy K on December 31st, 2013 @ 12:02pm in Omaha, Nebraska

I love this site!! I come to it when I need to calm down due to the "Crazy Ex-Wife". We bought my step-daughter (7 year old) a cell phone for Christmas so that we can call her and not have to go through her crazy mother. In the past my Husband would call his daughter her mom would not put her on and say she is busy. My step-daughter would eventually call, but it will be hours later. We had her for the first week of winter break and once she opened her phone we allowed her and her mother to text and talk though out the day, even more then the courts allowed because she was excited about her cell phone. Well yesterday was the first day the crazy ex had her daughter. They were traveling to a different state (6 hour car ride) and I texted my step daughter to let her know where we were going for dinner on Saturday because it is her father's birthday. Her mom texted me back to say don't text. My husband tried to call and text his daughter yesterday and today but neither of them answer their phone. Today my step daughter did call her father (on her mom's phone) with the mom hovering over her and not letting her talk freely (which is against their agreement). Has anyone had a special agreement or amendment added to the divorce decree to include the child's cell phone and rules for it? Thanks for all your help and hang in there!!

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