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Posted by KATHLEEN HENN IS A PSYCHO EX WIFE on September 15th, 2014 @ 12:07pm in SAYVILLE, NY

Never thought I would take to a hate blog, but when in Rome... She's 7 years older than him. He was always her safe meal ticket. She was sober when they married, but soonafter became a dictator, micromanaging bitch. He made a deal with the devil. She pushed out one aby and that was it. No more working. Why should she? She already had 2 other kids with 2 other men... Not sure what he was thinking. Fast forward to 10 years later, he finally gets his shit together, pulls the plug and serves her with divorce papers. She was never nice to him, used him for his money, ran up $30,000.00 in credit card debt, now all of a sudden he's the enemy and I, the "homewrecker" - She's pissed her free ride is over. She cut & pasted a picture of me from Linked-In, on some crazy scorned woman blog: most of which is fiction. Even the people who commented on it made fun of her. What an IDIOT! Even added my kid and his disability to it. Complete piece of shit. For their child's sake (she is a lovely little girl, even though poisoned by her mother's bitterness, anger & entitlement) I don't badmouth her to her own kid. She, on the other hand, spares no expense (with all the free time she has on her hands not working) trashing her ex to her kid. She's complete trash. He should have never married her, but you can't go back. Everyone has baggage, but for Christ's sake... What a waste of oxygen. Hopefully, she will die soon :)

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Please Father, forgive them....

Posted by GratefulForFreedom on April 29th, 2014 @ 9:17am in MI

I will never forget what she said to me at 4 A.M. less than a month before she took the kids, left me, skipped town, and filed for divorce. She woke me up and was crying very loudly in the fetal position, and she basically screamed, "I hate my brain! I feel like I'm going crazy! I need help!". The divorce was final last year and I don't believe I'll ever truly understand what happened to the woman I loved. The only conclusion that makes any sense whatsoever is that she became delusional, and truly started to believe she married a horrible vicious animal who could hurt her and the kids at any moment. However, my version of reality is drastically different. The truth is I loved her with all of my heart. I never even thought about raising a hand to her or verbally abusing her. I did everything I possibly could to contribute to her happiness and dreams and provide a good life for her. Then after a few short months of abusing her own body with a concoction of medications and alcohol on top of sleep and food deprivation, she suddenly began blaming me as the reason for all of her unhappiness. I couldn't believe it. My wife had suddenly become someone else before my eyes. It was the most painful experience I have ever gone through, mostly because my innocent children are stuck in the middle of it.... After the major breakdown, she appeared to go from extreme love to extreme hate in a matter of weeks or even days. A massive delusional smear campaign full of false accusations against me soon followed, and sadly for the children it worked in court even though there was no evidence other than hearsay to support it (as they typically do against men nowadays). I'm now left with a huge support payment, anchored to our home and my job in the county my kids were born in, and worrying about my children being with her 85% of the time. It's horrible, but without and endless bank account there appears to be nothing I can do but pray for them. Ultimately, may God have mercy on these poor souls. Please Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

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